Device constitution diagram output device


PURPOSE: To easily operate and manage a terminal by managing information of constituting devices in a detailed information file and automatically outputting a constitution drawing from the information file. CONSTITUTION: An information input means 1-2 converts the form of inputted information to output it to a detailed information management file 4 for centralized management of constitution information for the purpose of storing inputted information in the detailed information management file 4. An information read means 5 reads in information related to the constitution from an environment file 2 and the detailed information file 4 and transfers it to a judgment means 6. This means 6 performs the judgment processing which recomposes this information to a form adapted to the output of the constitution diagram. An output means 7 receives information processed by the judgement means 6 and edits the constitution diagram to be outputted to an output device and outputs the edited results to the output device 8. Thus, the terminal is easily operated and managed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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