Xylene isomerization process


PURPOSE: To selectively isomerize xylene without loss of xylene by using a catalyst system including zeolite having high selectivity to conversion of ethylbenzene and zeolite having high selectivity to isomerization of xylene. CONSTITUTION: In the isomerization of an aromatic C 8 mixture including xylene and 0-50% of ethylbenzene and having the concentration of p-xylene lower than the thermodynamical equilibrium, a catalyst system comprising (A) a component comprising zeolite which gives a value lower than 80% of equibrium isomerization of p-xylene when a supply material comprising 14% (by wt.) of ethylbenzene, 10% of p-xylene, 53% of m-xylene and 23% of O-xylene is tested under specific test conditions, and 0-10% of a metal halide, and (B) component which includes zeolite which gives the value higher than 80% in the above- mentioned test, and 0-10% of the metal halide, is used under a condition that a zeolite wt. ratio A/B is 20/80 to 98/2, and the isomerization is performed at 200-600°C, 100-10450 kPa of pressure, and 0.5-100 WHSV, and with 0-10 molar ratio of H 2 /hydrocarbon. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO




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