Linear ccd camera


PURPOSE: To improve resolution without narrowing down a view and to catch a change in the range of one picture element by receiving light, which is deviated for the 1/2 picture element, by two linear CCD sensors. CONSTITUTION: The light passed through a lens 10 is splitted by a spectroscope 11. In this case, however, a second linear CCD sensor 13 is arranged while being deviated from a first linear CCD sensor 12 in the direction of arranging picture elements only for the 1/2 picture element in respect to the other light splitted by the same spectroscope 11 as the light to be received by the linear CCD sensor 12. While accumulating electric charges corresponding to the quantity of received light, the linear CCD sensors12 and 13 respectively output signals (a) and (b) by signal processing parts 14 and 15, and when video signals (c) and (d) are synchronized by the same clock, a video signal (e) is obtained by outputting these signals (c) and (d) while alternately switching them in the double cycle of this clock by a signal switching part 16. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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