Optical scanning device


PURPOSE: To obtain the device which has uniform diffraction efficiency by providing a 1/4-wavelength plate between a semiconductor laser and a hologram disk. CONSTITUTION: When linear deflected laser light is diffracted by a diffraction grating, its diffraction efficiency is maximum when the deflecting surface is parallel to a grating vector and decreases as when the angle between the deflecting surface and grating vector increases. Thus, the diffraction efficiency varies as the hologram disk rotates, so the linear deflected laser light emitted by the semiconductor laser 1 is converted by the 1/4-wavelength plate 10 into circular deflected light, which is made incident on the hologram disk 2 to hold the diffraction grating constant even when the hologram disk rotates, thereby making the intensity of the laser beam 5 constant on a photosensitive drum 4 at all times. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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