Single telephone set


PURPOSE: To prevent a charge from being in excess of a set charge during talking. CONSTITUTION: This telephone set is provided with an opposite number storage section 22 storing an opposite number of a talking opposite party, an own station number storage section 23 storing its own station number, a setting charge storage section 25 setting a prescribed set talking charge, a talking time detection section 18 detecting a speech time, a speech charge calculation section 19 calculating a speech charge from at least its own station number, an opposite party number and a talking time, a speech charge comparison section 21 comparing the speech charge signal calculated by the speech charge calculation section 19 with the setting charge signal of the setting charge storage section 25 and generating an alarm tone signal when the calculated speech charge signal exceeds the setting charge signal, and a speech circuit section 14 receiving the alarm tone signal from the speech charge comparison section 21. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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