Hue adjustment circuit


PURPOSE: To realize the circuit in which a square characteristic is realized without an offset current to supply a current proportional to a hue adjustment voltage to the circuit, to attain no circuit adjustment without any defective operation of a constant current source even due to a temperature change in a component and to obtain a normal operation even when an adjustment current is zero. CONSTITUTION: An adjustment current iHUE proportional to a hue adjustment voltage V HUE is supplied to square characteristic circuits D24, D25 in order to a gain control signal to amplifiers 11, 13A, 13B summing color difference signals of different kinds. As the circuit path, a transfer path comprising current mirror circuits 21,22,23 and a transfer path comprising a differential switch circuit are provided and a diode connection circuit Q32 is provided between the square characteristic circuits and a ground line to supply a constant current I OFF to the circuit at all times. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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