Method for displaying menu and information processor


PURPOSE: To attain easily understandable display even when a lower menu corresponding to a menu item exists at the time of displaying hierarchical menues by adding a symbol indicating the existence of the lower menu to the memu item. CONSTITUTION: Functions to be operated ate displayed in a function menu as menu items and the function menu is hierarchically divided into the 1st menu having a menu item describing an 'objective name' and the 2nd menu having menu item describing a 'function name'. In the case of displaying the 1st menu, a symbol is described in the menu item corresponding to the 1st menu including the 2nd menu in order to inform the existence of the 2nd menu to a user. For instance a 'joshi' (postpositional word functioning as an auxiliary to a main word) [o[ is added to a menu item 321 in a selective state and the frame of the menu item 321 is expanded to define the selective state and let the user to know the existence of the 2nd menu. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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