Ac elevator control device


PURPOSE: To provide an AC elevator control device wherein a cost down is realized by providing a control power supply without using an inverter for emergency use. CONSTITUTION: The first switch means 8 for interrupting AC voltage applied relating to a converter 2 at emergency time, second switch means 6 for connecting an emergency battery 7 between DC terminals of the converter 2 at emergency time and the third switch means 20a, 20b for connecting an input terminal of a power supply circuit 13 to an AC terminal of the converter 2 at emergency time are provided. The converter 2 is actuated as an inverter by a control circuit 14 while applying DC voltage of the emergency battery 7 between the DC terminals of the converter 2 to supply AC voltage, generated from the AC terminal of the converter 2, as a control power supply to the control circuit 14 through the power supply circuit. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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