Fruit defect detecting apparatus


PURPOSE: To obtain a fruit defect detecting apparatus for detecting the defective part of a material to be processed having the different colors from the surrounding parts such as flaws, sunburn and rust for the material to be processed such as an apple. CONSTITUTION: The image information which is picked up with an image sensing means 2 is divided into the specified regions comprising the specified number of the images. A predetermined evaluating value is computed for every region, and it is judged whether a detect in present in a material to be processed 6 based on the computer value with a processing means 4. The processing means 4 has the parts for performing the following functions. An image processing means 45 computers the evaluating value based on the information from image memories 42. A neural network 44 judges to which defect the region belong to based on the evaluating-value data from the image processing means 45. A first judging means for the detect forms the distribution map of each defect described above based on the result of the judgment of the judging neutral network 44 and performs the final judgment by using the distribution map. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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