Melamine resin molding material


PURPOSE: To obtain a melamine resin molding material, capable of providing molded products, conforming to the Food Sanitation Law and having high transparency and suitable as wiring tools, electric appliances, etc. CONSTITUTION: A melamine resin molding material is obtained by blending melamine resin and/or solid melamine resin with the solid melamine resin subjected to treatment at a high temperature of 120-170°C for 0.5-5hr at (3:7) to (7:3) ratio and further blending 100 pts.wt. above-mentioned resin with 0.01-3 pts.wt. curing agent (e.g. hexamine), 0.05-5 pts.wt. mold release agent (e.g. a fatty acid or a metallic salt of the fatty acid) and, as necessary, a filler or a colorant. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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