Manufacture of box housing unit


PURPOSE: To produce a box housing unit generating no deformation in the building frame at suspending it by preceding assembly of steel members used for a framework. CONSTITUTION: By always preceding construction of a floor frame 3A, pillar bodies 3B, and a ceiling frame 3C, wood panels 4 for the floor plane, the wall, and the ceiling plane of a housing unit 1 are provided in order based on the position of steel members 2a, 2b fixed on them. Hereby, the wood panels 4 can be easily assembled in the steel framework, and working efficiency for building the housing unit 1 constituted of the wood panels 4 and the steel members is improved. Further, because the wood panels 4 constituting the floor plane, the wall, the ceiling plane are individually fixed to the steel members 2a, 2b, the form of the building frame of the housing unit 1 is stable during construction, and the incomplete parts are unnecessary to be held. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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