Autofocusing camera


PURPOSE: To bring a desired object into focus by selecting an optimum range-finding mode as a photographer intends even without performing troublesome switching opera tion between a multipoint range-finding mode and a spot range-finding mode and to decide a photographing distance based on each range-finding mode in accordance with the outputted result on the detection of a moving body. CONSTITUTION: This camera is provided with a central range-finding device 11 and a peripheral range-finding device 12 both of which measure an object distance in the central part and in the peripheral part of a photographic image plane, and a memory 13 where the outputted results of the respective range-finding devices are stored. A time interval and the moving speed of the object from turning on a 1st release switch 16 till turning on a 2nd releasing switch 17 are counted and detected by an arithmetic control part 15 and a moving body detection part 14. Focusing is performed by a focusing part 18 by adopting the closest data of the plural range-finding values of the multipoint range-finding in the case that the output of the central range- finding is nearly equal to a value obtained by adding the product of the time interval and the speed to the output of the multipoint range-finding and adopting the central data of the spot range-finding in the case other than the above. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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