Sound reception processor


PURPOSE:To extract and receive a desired acoustic signal in circumstances where an unrequired acoustic signal is present thereon by storing an unrequired sound field state in memory in advance, and generating an objective sound field state at a sound field state generating part by selecting the sound field state from the memory. CONSTITUTION:Plural sound field states due to unrequired sound sources are stored in a memory part 13, and the plural sound field states are selected corresponding to a sound field setting part 14, and the objective sound field state is generated at the sound field state generating part 15. The objective sound field state is supplied to a filter coefficient arithmetic part 16, and the optimum filter coefficient is computed, and the filter coefficient is set at a filter 11. Futhermore, an arbitrary number of sound field states out of the sound field states in the memory part 13 are combined by operating the sound field state setting part 14, and an actual sound field state can be generated. In such a manner, a noise and an echo can be suppressed, and the desired acoustic signal can be extracted and received.




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