Method for controlling pressure in jet loom


PURPOSE: To smooth operation before stabilization to the objective arrival timing by automatically judging whether the cause of occurrence of mistake is undersupply or oversupply of weft and resetting jetting pressure. CONSTITUTION: In a jet loom wherein weft is inserted by set nozzle jetting pressure and jetting pressure of weft inserting is controlled based on detected weft arrival timing, when mistake of weft occurs, a control device G judges whether the cause of the mistake is undersupply or oversupply of weft based on releasing signal outputted from a balloon sensor 3. In the case of the cause resulting from undersupply of weft, setting of electric regulators 12 and 13 is changed and the jetting pressure of a main nozzle 4 and an auxiliary nozzle is increased by given amounts, respectively. On the contrary in the case of oversupply of weft, the regulators are reset so as to reduce the jetting pressure by given amounts, respectively. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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