Optical information retrieving system


PURPOSE: To effiently retrieve and output document information by storing a document number previously allocated to document information consisting of plural pages and respective pages in which the documents of respective subjects of the document information are written. CONSTITUTION: After inputting a retrieving subject by means of a keyboard 13 connected to a work station 10, a report number to be outputted based upon a report number displayed on a CRT display 12 and table data consisting of subject names is inputted from the keyboard 13. A subject to be outputted based upon detailed contents data displayed on the display 12 and its output format are inputted from the keyboard 13. Thus image data including the document information of a starting page in the inputted subject part out of a research report corresponding to the inputted report number can be outputted by a required output format, i.e., display on a CRT display 33 or copying by a printer 36. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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