Sealed battery


PURPOSE: To obtain a battery of excellent anti-liquid leakage characteristic by increasing the sealing intensity of a sealing part formed out of a cell case of an enclosed cell, a gasket, and a sealing plate. CONSTITUTION: A sealing plate 6 is set so that an opening end part 2 of a battery case is press-fitted to a sealing plate recessed part preliminarily provided on the sealing plate 6 through a gasket 5, when the opening end part 2 of the battery case is folded inside, while a sealing agent 7 is filled in a groove part formed out of a cell case 1, the gasket 5 and of the sealing plate 6. In this structure, the pressure power to the gasket is increased, while the adhesive characteristic of the gasket is improved. Since a sufficient amount of sealing agent can be filled in the groove part, airtightness will be perfect while anti- liquid leakage characteristic of the cell is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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