Fuel distributing pipe for internal combustion engine fuel injection device

  • Inventors: ONO KENJI
  • Assignees: Hitachi Ltd
  • Publication Date: December 04, 1992
  • Publication Number: JP-H04350357-A


PURPOSE: To form a fuel distributing pipe in the fuel injection device of an internal combustion engine in such a way as to provide an insulator between each fuel injection valve and an intake manifold with appropriate compressive force even in the case of the length of the fuel distributing pipe becoming long due to the increase in the number of cylinders in the internal combustion engine. CONSTITUTION: Fuel force-fed from a fuel tank by a fuel pump 2 is led into a fuel distributing pipe 3 and jetted from each fuel injection valve 4. At this time, the fuel distributing pipe 3 is fixed to the plurally divided intake manifold and compresses each insulator 10 with appropriate force. The plurally divided fuel distributing pipes 3 are connected by a fuel pipeline 8 through an O-ring. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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