Gripping device


PURPOSE: To operate a gripping device in a minimum opening width with an opening width for gripping being previously set, even though the dimensions of an article to be gripped varies. CONSTITUTION: Two opposed gripping pawls 1, 2 are formed in their base parts 11, 12 with inclined grooves 1K, 2K in different directions, in which guide rollers 3 are fitted. The guide rollers 3 are moved by gripping means so as to separate the gripping pawls 1, 2 from each other in order to grip and release the article. Further, a rack 7 is supported slidably in an allowable range to the base part of one of the gripping pawls 2. A pinion which can be fixed by a locking means is meshed with the rack, and an adjusting screw 27 for adjusting a gap which becomes an opening distance with respect to the end surface of the base part of the gripping pawls is provided to the rack. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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