Constant-temperature heating element


PURPOSE: To provide a constant-temperature heating element which simplifies a shape of a constitutive part and which is excellent in ass-producibility in the constant-temperature heating element for use in a liquid type electronic mosquito-repellent unit for radiating insecticidal gas from a stem or the like. CONSTITUTION: To both planes of a positive characteristic thermistor 11 having an electrode 12 thereon, an electrode plane 14 comprising a projection 17 of which a tip is inserted into the electrode 12 and a die-cut hole 16, and also a U-shaped heat-transfer 15 are fixed by insulating adhesives and received within an insulating casing 18 having a bottom to cover the opening thereof with an insulating lid 19. Since shapes of the electrode plane 14 and the heat- transfer 15 are simple, a processing is simple, and since the positive characteristic thermistor is used by only one piece, assembling operations are extremely easy and mass producibility is excellent. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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