Recovery of phenols


PURPOSE: To recover valuable phenolic compounds in high efficiency from waste water containing phenolic compounds and discharged in the production of o- cresol and 2,6-dimethylphenol by the vapor-phase catalytic reaction of phenol with methanol in the presence of a metal oxide. CONSTITUTION: Phenol and/or o-cresol are subjected to vapor-phase catalytic reaction with methanol in the presence of a metal oxide and the obtained reaction liquid is separated into phenols, a methanol fraction containing a small amount of water and waste water containing slight amount of phenols. The waste water is made to contact with a styrene/divinylbenzene polymer based synthetic adsorbent to effect the adsorption of the phenols in the waste water to the adsorbent. The adsorbed phenols are desorbed and recovered by using the above methanol fraction. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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