Power analyzer device


PURPOSE: To measure the frequencies of input signals to be measured, calculate the fluctuation rates of the frequencies, and display the frequencies and their fluctuation rates. CONSTITUTION: Input signals to be measured are A/D converted 29-34 and converted into digital data and power is measured on the basis of these digital data and the fundamental waves and higher harmonic waves of the input signals to be measured are calculated and measured and the input frequencies of the waves are measured. In that case the results of frequency measurements are stored 35-40 and when the results amount to n the minimum value fmin and the maximum value fmax of the results of the measurements are retrieved and an average value (fmax + fmin)/2 is calculated from the values fmin, fmax and used as a reference value fa and the fluctuation rates of the frequencies are calculated by the expression of (fmax - fa)/fa × 100 and displayed together with the measured frequencies. An operator can thus be informed of not only the frequencies of the input signals to be measured but also the fluctuation rates of the frequencies. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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